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Google I/O  innovate in the open

consensus model… not monopolization
Client — Connectivity — Cloud

mainframe –> pc —> web
power –> weak –> power
easy deploy —> hard deploy —> easy deploy.

Excellent discussion of efficient markets theory and related investment approaches from two of the most respected academics in the field

Eugene Fama

Ken French

A remarkable essay, if increasingly outlandish as he marches the reader inexorably towards the ‘singularity’.

From extensive modeling of the historical data he develops a pretty compelling demonstration of the accuracy of what he terms the Historical Exponential View versus the ubiquitous and wrong Intuitive Linear View.


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Apparently, Mark Templeton, the CEO of Citrix, is considered a credible advisor to organizations considering the move to Service Oriented application infrastructure and a bright future of innovation and efficiency that IT can bring to business.

I really don’t see where this credibility comes from. Is Citrix is sponsoring the conference?

Templeton is the CEO of an organization that makes money by persuading people to centralize the client component of their classical client-server applications on his proprietry product. So he’s unlikely to be dispassionate about decisions over what to centralize, virtualize or leave well alone. But more importantly, Citrix is the purveyor of a technology (i.e. Remote Fat Client) that is completely at odds with the notion of developing heterogeneous Service Orientated applications. Instead, the snakeoil of its ‘PC-Anywhere for the Internet generation’ has been sold to IT managers desparate for a break from the nightmare of managing unstable and brittle client applications running on unstable and brittle PC operating systems.

At best it’s a purely tactical solution, at worst a siren song that actually leads away from a genuine strategic answer. Many an IT manager has listened to those sirens and run aground on the rocks of Citrix. And they are tough to get off.

Caveat emptor.