Had a problem relocating (i.e. pointing to a new URL or Path) a checked-out subversion repository with

svn switch –relocate FROM TO

It kept reporting that my old path (FROM) was ‘not the root of the repository’.

Thanks to Nelson I was reminded to use the svn info command to see exactly where svn believes the repository currently is pointing to and then substituted this path into the FROM argument.

Software companies must embark on clear-cut, long-term plans for the cloud era in order to play a role in business computing during the next decade.

Markets are too dependent on unsustainable government stimulus. Something’s got to give

via Markets: Bubble warning | The Economist.

“THE effect of free money is remarkable. A year ago investors were panicking and there was talk of another Depression. Now the MSCI world index of global share prices is more than 70% higher than its low in March 2009.”

The Economist

A lot of virtual ink has been spilt over the putative demise of Microsoft, or at least their interminable slide into irrelevancy.

Robin Bloor joins the fray… Google: The Nature of the Other Juggernaut | The Virtual Circle.

Two cloud-based companies working to streamline the integration process:


Cast Iron Systems | Cast Iron Systems.

How well such off the shelf integration efforts work is unclear. If it’s more than a case of connecting one well known cloud service to another then the integration effort can be a major source of complexity, expense and risk.