Ziba Insights: Everyone is a Specialist

Topic: Insights

In late 2012, we gathered Ziba’s lead designers, researchers and creative directors together to look back at the year’s most important insights — the crucial discoveries about how consumers behave, technologies change and markets shift. Throughout 2013, we’re sharing one of them each month, through the words and images of the Zibites who know them best.

Constant communication and social media are pushing us to show off our passion and specialized knowledge, as a way of standing out in the storm of mundane information that fills the air. Mom posts photos of Victorian furniture on Pinterest while Dad’s Facebooking his latest cooking project, and your cousin tweets about nothing but Korean pop stars. We’ve always had these secret pools of expertise, but now they’ve got an outlet, and an appreciative audience.

You’re a specialist too.

Trying to be everything to everyone is a losing proposition. As customers embrace their connoisseurship, they seek out brands that match it. The success stories of 2013 are companies unafraid of putting a stake in the ground, to boldly indicate where their expertise and passion lie…and where they don’t.

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