The Device is the Message: The Story of the Tweeting Bra

All women know that self-examination is crucial for the fight against breast cancer. Still some forget all about it. To help our client, Nestlé Fitness, to remind women about self-examinations we came up with the idea to create a wearable device – the first bra that Tweets!

The lucky person to wear the prototype was a famous Greek talk show host named Maria Bacodimou.

Maria was responsible to wear, charge and of course, unhook the bra each time she needed to. At the very moment she unhooked the bra, the bra tweeted a reminder as well as information about self-examinations to her 170k followers.

And since the Tweeting Bra is a unique piece of smart underwear, it shortly became a hot topic around the world., The Huffington Post, The Independent and CNN were among the 1 million+ websites and TV shows that featured stories about the campaign.

When we considered why the Tweeting Bra campaign was so successful and widely covered we arrived at four key learnings:

1 – Take the Headline Test

Always ask yourself: Is my idea worth writing about it? As soon as you have an idea, write it down in the same way the media would write about it. If it makes sense, it might get media attention and create earned media.

2 – Solve a Problem

People are open to share ideas that creatively solve real problems. Your ideas should always try to solve an existing problem instead of just communicating it.

3 – Do it for Real

If you want to get media attention you should always try to create newsworthy campaigns. All the campaigns that have received media coverage were not fake. They did it for real.

4 – Find a Cultural Tension

Connect with people by finding relevance in popular culture. The cultural tension behind the Tweeting Bra campaign was our relationship with technology.

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