Anatomy of a breach: How hackers break in

Did you know an attacker can be present on a network for more than 200 days before being detected? Imagine the damage that can be done to an organization during that time: Accessing sensitive data about your company, products, employees and clients. Altering the operating system on every computer in your network. Causing irreparable damage to your company – both in terms of dollars and damaged reputation – before you even know he’s there.

Hackers typically gain control of a network using a privileged account (e.g., domain admin) within 24-48 hours of initiating the attack. They move silently through the network, avoiding actions that would alert IT to their presence. If they are discovered, it’s usually by chance or an external notification.

Do you know how a security breach actually happens? How hackers get a foothold, and what they do once they’re in? Most importantly: Are you as secure as you think you are? Join me for a free webinar to learn how a breach actually happens and the steps you can take to help prevent an attack, including:

  • Common ways hackers get into your network, including phishing scams and targeted search results
  • How hackers set up and manage long-term attacks
  • Things you can do today to help prevent an attack
  • The key response phases, including incident response, tactical recovery and strategic recovery
  • Tips for developing an effective communications plan that won’t compromise your data’s security

I hope you will join me and my colleague Jim Moeller, from the Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, to learn more about this critical topic. The “Anatomy of a Breach: How Hackers Break In” webinar will be held March 8, 2016. Registration is now open.

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