Millennials: The New Age Heroes

Heroes – firefighters, X-men, Enrique Iglesias circa 2001 – are known to be bold problem solvers who fight for good (or your heart). Why then are Millennials known as the “hero” generation? And why does that answer matter to companies?

Millennials are the largest generation yet and are poised to change the world. Increasingly acting as agents of change, they not only expect to succeed at having an impact on the world, but also seek out brands with the same goals in mind. Moreover, the development of new technologies and experiential services showcased at this year’s CES event seem to have the Millennials in mind, opening up countless new opportunities for brands to build programs that engage the Millennial generation; but first it’s necessary to understand the audience.

In an exclusive Social@Ogilvy webinar, Millennial expert Todd Metrokin, Vice President and Creative Strategist, Ogilvy & Mather Washington D.C., shared a deeper look at Millennial behaviors and how to market to this “hero” generation. Topics covered include:

  • Who are the Millennials?
  • What do they care about?
  • How can brands engage Millennials?

View the full webinar presentation below:


Enjoy these infographics to share that summarize key takeaways from the session:

5 Emerging Millennial Traits        6 Ways to Market to Millennials

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